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Building Community

to educate and empower

Seminars and Outreach

Connecting with the Broader Community 

The Center for Neuroscience hosts several seminar series throughout the year, aimed at advancing knowledge and sharing discoveries. Seminars such as the formal Perspectives in Neuroscience series provide a vibrant and collaborative platform for faculty and students to interact with the broader research community. 

Faculty, students and staff are also engaged in a number of impactful public outreach efforts that are focused on advancing understanding about the brain in health and disease. Our signature event is NeuroFest, a one-day free public event for all ages. Attendees enjoy public lectures by faculty on the latest brain research, hands-on interactive activities and graduate student poster sessions.

In keeping with our statement on diversity, equity and inclusion and the UC Davis Principles of Community an important and growing focus of our outreach and education efforts have been on enhancing access and equity for underrepresented groups and understanding the barriers and opportunities to this end. We aim to not only build bridges and understanding between the public and research communities, but we also hope to empower the next generation of scientists.