Channelrhodopsin expression in memory encoding cells of the dentate gyrus

Learning, Memory & Plasticity

Neuroscientists are making rapid progress in understanding the mechanisms by which people learn and remember, by studying how experience modifies brain circuits, and by understanding the organization of large-scale brain networks that support the ability to recollect past events. 

Questions we are exploring include:

  • Why do we remember some events and forget others?
  • How do we keep information in mind without getting distracted?
  • What are the brain changes that put someone at risk for Alzheimer's Disease?
  • How can we develop better approaches to education based on our understanding of the brain?
  • How can we diagnose and treat people who have memory problems?
  • How is memory and brain function affected by stress or trauma?
  • How does memory change over the course of development from childhood to old age?

Faculty studying learning and memory