Gregg Recanzone, Ph.D.

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Position Title
Professor and Associate Dean

  • Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Auditory Perception

Research Summary

Our research involves investigating the role of the cerebral cortex in the perception of auditory signals and how natural aging affects both the cortical activity and the perception.  Age-related hearing deficits affect over half of all individuals in their 70s, leading to difficulty in understanding speech which in turn leads to social isolation.  While lesion studies have shown that the activity of the cerebral cortex is essential in the perception of auditory signals, from simple tones to complex speech patterns, we understand very little of how the activity at the single neuron level relates to these perceptions.  Our goal is to better understand this complex processing and to determine what aspects of this processing are specifically affected by natural aging.  The ultimate goal is to use this knowledge to design better hearing - assist devices and remedial therapies to either reverse the deficits induced by natural aging or to prevent them.

Select Publications

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