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UC Davis Healthy Brain Aging Big Idea

UC Davis experts lead forward-thinking research about how to improve brain health

Research about how to measure healthy brain aging is still evolving – and UC Davis is leading the charge, focusing on brain health throughout an individual’s lifespan. 

As champions of UC Davis’ Healthy Brain Aging Big Idea, CNS faculty, Charles DeCarli, neurologist and director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center, and Kimberley McAllister, director of the Center for Neuroscience and professor in the neurology and neurobiology, physiology and behavior departments, are taking an interdisciplinary approach to rethink how brain health is defined.

“We hope to inspire a paradigm shift in how people view brain health, focusing on brain fitness just like we focus on overall body fitness,” Charles DeCarli, MD

The Big Idea promotes team science –– while training the next generation of team science leaders –– in order to make the discoveries that will improve the lives of the aging population and change the future for the next generation. 

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