Why Give

CNS Faculty Brian Wiltgen, Karen Zito, and Charan Ranganath

Giving Transforms Lives, Communities and the World

No matter where your passion or interest lies, when you invest in the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience, you are creating a positive and meaningful impact.

From improving health and inspiring a new rank of neuroscientists to transforming next generation technologies, your gift transforms our world – not only in academia, but also in our community and the world. There are many ways to support your philanthropic goals.

Student Support and Innovative Training

  • Graduate Fellowships support students’ academic and research goals to become independent neuroscientists capable of pioneering new discoveries for medical breakthroughs and transformative technologies
  • Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholars Fellowships support advanced and specialized training opportunities for scholars, while providing the Center with a competitive edge to recruit the very best of tomorrow’s neuroscientists
  • Undergraduate research awards provide hands-on learning experience and mentorship to help prepare undergrads for their careers
  • Travel awards allow students to attend conferences and unique educational opportunities to present their work and network with others in the field

Faculty Excellence and Discovery-Driven Research

  • Faculty Chairs and Professorships enable UC Davis to retain our most outstanding faculty and to attract top faculty from around the world
  • Innovative Pilot Grants support high-risk, high-reward projects that can lead to exciting breakthroughs in medicine and technology
  • Research Cores provide dedicated labs and services, offering state-of-the-art instruments and resources to faculty, researchers and students to drive collaborative approaches to research goals

Programs and Facilities

  • Visiting Faculty Lecture Series bring eminent neuroscientists from around the world to exchange new ideas and discoveries, greatly enriching the UC Davis neuroscience community
  • Community Outreach promotes public awareness and understanding of neuroscience research through educational outreach activities
  • Innovative Training Grants support new and specialized training programs for the next generation of neuroscientists
  • Facility Funds for Renovations and Infrastructure Support allow acquisition and maintenance of space and state-of-the-art tools and resources that drive effective collaboration and new breakthroughs in neuroscience