Graduate student working in lab

Training Program in Basic Neuroscience

Laying a Solid Foundation

The Training Program in Basic Neuroscience provides support to graduate students during their first year in the UC Davis Neuroscience Graduate Program. Trainees receive a broad training in the fundamental principles of neuroscience, taking all of the Neuroscience Graduate Program required courses, doing three laboratory rotations, giving oral presentations, as well as enrolling in career development courses for success (taken in the 2nd year).

Appointment to the Basic Neuroscience Training Program is competitive. Entering trainees are selected by the Neuroscience Graduate Group based on eligibility (U.S. citizen or permanent resident), prior academic performance, letters of reference, personal statements, interviews, and diversity considerations.

Appointment and Benefits

  • The Training Program in Basic Neuroscience provides trainees with 1 year (Oct 1 - Sept 30) of tuition/fees, stipend, and travel funding to a scientific conference.
  • Additional mentoring by Training Program Director.
  • Establish an early relationship with NIH and looks great on a resume.

Program Overview

  • All Neuroscience Graduate Program required courses
  • Three laboratory rotations
  • Quarterly meetings with the Training Program Director for additional mentoring
  • Additional career development courses for success taken in 2nd year: 1) Grant writing or seminar speaking, 2) Experimental design and statistical methodology, 3) Neurobiology of brain disorders
  • Opportunity to participate in all Neuroscience Graduate Group activities and outreach
  • Travel to scientific meeting (e.g., Society for Neuroscience)

Grant: T32 MH082174, National Institute of Mental Health, Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Institutional Research Training Grant (T32)