Ling-Lie Chau Graduate Student Award for Brain Research

Headshot of Ling-Lie Chau
Ling-Lie Chau, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita of Physics Ling-Lie Chau's endowment gifts encourage and support excellence in physics education and research at UC Davis. 

The Ling-Lie Chau Graduate Student Award for Brain Research supports high-achieving graduate students who have passed all qualification requirements and become official candidates of Ph.D. and/or M.D. programs and who will carry out brain research within the Neuroscience Graduate Program, administered by the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience, to enhance the educational experience and attract quality candidates for future graduate student recruitment.

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Support the next generation of neuroscientists

Professor Chau believes that research on the brain and its diseases is of utmost importance. In appreciation for and support of the excellent research being carried out at the UC Center for Neuroscience, Professor Chau hopes that such basic science not only will result in finding cures to brain diseases but also will lead to the fundamental understanding of the workings of the human brain, which Chau says "is undeniably the most essential organ of a human (making thought and emotions, analyzing sights and hearings, commending motions and speeches, etc., thus defines the being of each human), and considered by many, the most complex thing in the universe." 

You can join Professor Chau in this endeavor and support the next generation of neuroscientists for many years to come.

Award Recipients

2017  Jenny Mohn

2017  Deepa Ramamurthy

2016  Lauren Fink

2015  Joey Broussard

2015  Jimmy Dooley