Community Outreach

BAW Farmers Market

Led by Professors Karen Zito and Diasynou Fioravante, the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience organizes a variety of community outreach activities during Brain Awareness Week.

Elementary and High School Presentations
In schools, our outreach teams set up small presentations ranging from brain anatomy - complete with brains for students to hold and dissect - to drugs and addiction. Students can visit different stations, where they are taught basic concepts of neuroscience, for example what a neuron is, or the cutting-edge research on the effects of sleep on behavior.

Public Seminars and Interactive Experience
Faculty across disciplines offer public seminars on their latest, innovative research on brain function in health and disease. Attendees of all ages also enjoy interactive and hands-on activities to help increase their understanding of the brain. Check out our annual event.

UC Davis Farmers Market
The Brain Awareness Awareness Farmers Market team offers a booth with helpful information and interactive activities for all ages. Check out posters on topics such as brain disorders, brain anatomy, brain cells, vision and visual illusions. Fun workbooks and brain-teaser booklets for young visitors, and pamplets on different topics such as memory, stroke, depression and autism for adults.