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Center for Neuroscience - Health and Safety

Machine Shop Safety

Safety Training and Documents



Lathe video



Drill Press

  grinding wheel

UC Shop Safety Training


Machine Guarding Safety Training


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety Training


Hand and Power Tool Safety Training

New UC Shop Safety Manual


UC Davis Shop Safety Plan


UC Davis Hazard Communication Document


CNS Job Safety Analysis

CNS Injury Protocol


UCD SOP for the Metal Lathe


UCD SOP for Drill Press


UCD SOP for the Bench Grinder

Electrical Safety- Safety Net #512


CNS SOP for using the Lathe


CNS SOP for using the Drill Press


CNS SOP for using the Grinding Wheel

Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Canister   Open   cord   Closed
Step 1 - Unlock the canister.   Step 2 - Open the canister top.   Step 3 - Place the cord inside the canister.   Step 4 - Close the top around the cord.
Lock   Key        
Step 5 - Lock the canister.   Step 6 - Give the key to the safety coordinator and report the equipment problem.        

Quiz & Agreement

Take the Quiz   Sign the Agreement      


Return all signed SOP's, training certificate from "UC Shop Safety Training" online class, Quiz and CNS Shop Safety Agreement to the Safety Manager to receive access to the shop.