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Center for Neuroscience - Health and Safety


Occupational Health and Safety

You must enroll in the Occupational Health Surveillance System prior to working with animals, biohazards, or human tissue.

  • Your supervisor will initiate the Risk Assessment and Health Surveillance Questionnaire Note: This must be done for everyone who has direct or indirect contact with animals.
  • This Risk Assessment will need to be updated each time your medical assessment is renewed, and the frequency of renewing your RA is determined by Occupational Health.
  • Note: Volunteers must have a Kerberos login to access the system. To obtain a Kerberos login under Temporary Affiliate Form (TAF), have your supervisor initiate the steps here.
  • The participant reviews the RA and accepts or rejects, if changes are needed.
  • After accepting RA, participant fills out the confidential Health Questionnaire (HQ) and submits for review by health professional.
  • Health Professional reviews the participant's RA and HQ and sends them a medical assessment for review.
  • Individual logs into OHSS and reviews/acknowledges the medical assessment. If there are questions from the health professional on either the HQ or RA, a response from the participant will be needed to complete the process.
  • The IACUC system receives a nightly feed from the OHSS, and requires that steps listed above are completed before you can be added to an animal care protocol.

Obtaining Health Clearance To Work With Primates or Human Tissue

For individuals working with non-human primates, unfixed primate tissue, or unfixed human tissue:

Print and fill out the Request for Services form and complete the additional steps below:

  • For individuals working at the Center for Neuroscience, check this box and list any additional details in the section.
    • For individuals working with primates or unfixed primate tissue, check the box "Entry into Facility Includes" then add Primate Clearance.
    • For indivduals working with human tissue, add "Hepatitis "B" Series," and check the box "Entry into Facility Includes."
  • Fax the completed Request to Occupational Health Services at (530) 752-5277.
  • Call Occupational Health Services at (530) 752-6051 to schedule an appointment.
  • Go to the scheduled appointment; obtain the "Primate Clearance" form if applicable.
  • Give a copy of the Primate Clearance form to the Safety Coordinator and the Lab Manager.