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Center for Neuroscience - Health and Safety


Equipment Disposal


Disposing of Equipment


Unused or unwanted equipment must be disposed of properly. Proper disposal of equipment insures that hazardous chemicals do not end up in the landfill and that more items are reused or recycled. The Center for Neuroscience pays for equipment disposal for all CNS labs.

Additional information on disposing of equipment can be found at Aggie Surplus.

Procedures for Equipment Disposal


1. Complete an equipment disposal form

Be sure to include the UCOP number (circled) on the form for any items that have an asset tag. The asset tag looks like this:

Asset Tag

The UCOP number is always the number that begins with a year as shown above.

Be sure to list the building address and room number on the Equipment Disposal form in the box for "location." For example, an appropriate location would be as follows:

1544 Newton Ct., Room 149

2. Label the equipment with a sign that says, "Aggie Surplus," so there is no confusion about the disposition of the equipment.

3. Send the Equipment Disposal form to the Facility Manager via email.

4. For computer items, the hard drive should be wiped and personal data removed prior to pick-up.

Note: Aggie Surplus pick up may take several weeks.

Freezer/Refrigerator (Decommissioning


1. If an item requires decommissioning, Aggie Surplus will follow up by sending the decommissioning document and providing a work order number for the decommision process.

2. Fill out the decommissioning document including the provided work order number and post this document on the equipment.