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Center for Neuroscience - Health and Safety


Building Access

Vivarium Access Steps

  • Animal Use and Care 101
  • Added to Active and Approved AUC Protocol
  • Vvivarium Orientation Training

Here are the necessary steps to obtain building access for the Center for Neuroscience:

Office and Lab Safety

Visit the Health and Safety Program page and complete the steps. Sign the form, have the PI sign the form and provide appropriate access information. This form must be signed by the PI and all signatures will be verified.

Background Check

Information on the background check is available at this link. The background check is required for working in any wet lab. Please click here to download the form.

Complete Volunteer or Employment Forms

Forms for volunteers and unpaid students:

Volunteer form

Oath and Allegiance

Schedule an Appointment with the Safety Manager

Schedule an appointment with the Safety Manager. Bring all the forms listed above to your appointment.

Vivarium Access


Animal Use and Care 101 Training

Please sign up for AUC 101 and make sure to be added to AUC protocol before scheduling vivarium orientation training.

Schedule Vivarium Orientation

Bring the Vivarium Orientation Checklist form to your appointment. The checklist gives you the contact information.

Deliver Completed Forms

Give the completed Vivarium Orientation Checklist with the attached Vivarium Agreement to the CNS Facility Manager. Completed forms may also be left in the CNS Facility Manager's mailbox.

The CNS Facility Manager will verify the information on the form, add vivarium access, and provide a key, if necessary.

*Note: You must be listed on an approved Animal Care and Use Protocol prior to gaining vivarium access. If you are not listed on an approved Animal Care and Use Protocol, access will NOT be granted and the form will be returned or discarded.


Note: Additional steps are required for primate-related access. See Working With Animals for more information.