Clinical Research

The T32 program is jointly sponsored by the UCD School of Medicine and the Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC). It provides clinical and translational research training for medical students, pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars in the basic sciences using a team science approach. This program is part of the fully integrated approach of the UC Davis CTSC to advance education and career development by early identification, recruitment, and training of a critical mass of multidisciplinary, clinical and translational investigators working to improve human health.

Medical students, basic science pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars interested in developing careers in multidisciplinary clinical and translational research are eligible to apply. Those selected for the program will be expected to develop and conduct a translational science research project under the direction of a faculty mentor, and complete the training program curriculum requirements. Pre and Post-doctoral scholars will receive a stipend, funds for research and travel expenses for two years.  For those who choose to pursue the MAS in Clinical Research tuition will be covered.

PI: Lars F. Berglund

Grant: TL1 TR000133

Associate Director, T32 Program: Nicholas J. Kenyon