Seminars and Events


Seminars by distinguished scientists are an important component of the graduate curriculum. There is a wide range of seminars for students in the Neuroscience Graduate Group to attend, from our formal Perspectives in Neuroscience Series to frequent faculty recruitment talks. It is not unusual for students to choose from over 5 seminars in a typical week during the academic year. Our students are encouraged to attend as many seminars as possible, as they play a large role in broadening their general neuroscience knowledge.

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Upcoming Events

Annual retreat

Journal Clubs

All students in the Neuroscience Graduate Group are required to participate in a Journal Club every quarter during the academic year.

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To acquaint students with the professional forums in which scientific research is first presented, and also to illustrate the importance of effective presentation of their own work, all of our graduate students are encouraged to attend an annual meeting of a national conference in their research specialty within the first 2 years of their graduate training. Once students have selected thesis labs, the laboratory often supports their travel to yearly meetings to present data.

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