The UC Davis Center for Neuroscience draws from a wide variety of resources to conduct its teaching and research programs. Contributing to its interdisciplinary approach are Center faculty members, students, and collaborators who represent 13 academic departments and sections on the main campus and a number of other sites. These sites include the California Regional Primate Research Center, UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, the Veterans Administration Health Care System Outpatient Clinic in Martinez, other hospitals in northern California, and other universities worldwide. Visiting faculty members from throughout the world bring additional outstanding talent to the Center's programs.

Research at the Center is diverse, covering the major sub-disciplines and techniques in neuroscience and ranges from cellular and molecular neurobiology through systems and developmental neuroscience to studies of human perception, attention, memory, language, and the nature of consciousness. The Center places special emphasis on sensory physiology, on the molecular-genetic basis of neuronal function and its development, on the search for genetic markers in psychiatric diseases, in addition combining information obtained from different brain-imaging techniques, including fMRI, and ERPs, for the study of human cognition and the development of improved methods to treat brain injury and disease.

The Center is currently housed in three buildings totaling 38,500 square feet in the UC Davis Research Park. It receives financial support from private and public organizations, including the University of California, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, W.M. Keck Foundation, Pew Scholars Program, Pritzker Neuropsychiatric Disorders Research Consortium, Human Frontier Science Program, Veterans Administration, James S. McDonnell Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Ester and Joseph Klingenstein Fund, ARCS Foundation, M.I.N.D. Institute, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The Neuroscience Graduate Program, one of the premier training programs in the United States is located in the Center for Neuroscience, providing students with unparalleled opportunities for research at the cutting edge of neuroscience.

Detailed information about the research programs of our faculty is available here.