Melissa Bauman, Ph.D.

 Melissa  Bauman, Ph.D.


  • Associate Professor
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Research Summary

Dr. Bauman’s research interests focus on the neural systems that mediate species-typical social behavior.  She utilizes her doctoral training in systems neuroscience and her postdoctoral training in autism research to develop animal models of autism.  Her current research examines how changes in the prenatal environment, in particular activation and/or abnormalities in the mother’s immune system, may alter the brain/behavior development of offspring.

Selected Publications

Long-term altered immune responses following fetal priming in a non-human primate model of maternal immune activation.

Rose DR, Careaga M, Van de Water J, McAllister K, Bauman MD, Ashwood P.

Brain, behavior, and immunity. 2017; 63:60-70. NIHMSID: NIHMS838661

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 27876552
PMCID: PMC5432383

Moadab G, Bliss-Moreau E, Bauman MD, Amaral DG.

Behavioral neuroscience. 2017; 131(1):68-82. NIHMSID: NIHMS831463

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 28054806
PMCID: PMC5269439

Longitudinal analysis of the developing rhesus monkey brain using magnetic resonance imaging: birth to adulthood.

Scott JA, Grayson D, Fletcher E, Lee A, Bauman MD, Schumann CM, Buonocore MH, Amaral DG.

Brain structure & function. 2016; 221(5):2847-71.

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 26159774

PMCID: PMC4884209

Weir RK, Forghany R, Smith SE, Patterson PH, McAllister AK, Schumann CM, Bauman MD.

Brain, behavior, and immunity. 2015; 48:139-46.

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 25816799

Maternal immune activation in nonhuman primates alters social attention in juvenile offspring.

Machado CJ, Whitaker AM, Smith SE, Patterson PH, Bauman MD.

Biological psychiatry. 2015; 77(9):823-32.

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 25442006

The Women in Medicine and Health Science program: an innovative initiative to support female faculty at the University of California Davis School of Medicine.

Bauman MD, Howell LP, Villablanca AC.

Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges. 2014; 89(11):1462-6. NIHMSID: NIHMS597893

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 25006704
PMCID: PMC4213297

Postnatal development of the hippocampus in the Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta): a longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging study.

Hunsaker MR, Scott JA, Bauman MD, Schumann CM, Amaral DG.

Hippocampus. 2014; 24(7):794-807. NIHMSID: NIHMS577787

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 24648155

PMCID: PMC4065201

Activation of the maternal immune system during pregnancy alters behavioral development of rhesus monkey offspring.

Bauman MD, Iosif AM, Smith SE, Bregere C, Amaral DG, Patterson PH.

Biological psychiatry. 2014; 75(4):332-41.

PubMed [journal]
PMID: 24011823


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