Prospective students who meet our criteria for admission will be invited to visit the Neuroscience Graduate Program for a personal interview. All invited students will visit our program in February 2018 (dates TBD). We call this our recruitment event because it is also a time for prospective students to interview our program to determine if it fits their expectations for graduate school.

Recruitment consists of attending an informational day starting at noon on the first day.  Following general information about our program, students will see a Faculty Datablitz, take a tour of campus and/or labs, and then participate in a poster session presented by current Neuroscience Grad Program students, postdocs, and faculty.  Dinner will be held in small groups of faculty and students at local restaurants in Davis and Sacramento. The second day is full of interviews and lunch with current students.  The "event" ends with a Neuroscience Graduate Group dinner for all prospective students, current students and faculty at a faculty member's house. Recruitment is exhausting but really fun!

Prospective students will be notified of our decision on admission shortly after recruitment weekend. The deadline for student acceptance of our offer for 2018 admission is April 15, 2018.