Reseach Project and Dissertation

The research project and the resulting dissertation represent the development from student to professional scientist. Graduate students who have advanced to candidacy devote their energies almost exclusively to completing their research projects.

After advancing to candidacy, students are required to meet with their thesis committee at least once a year to discuss the thesis project, to review results, and to chart research directions. The thesis committee is composed of 5 faculty members. Of these 5, one must be the thesis advisor and one must come from outside of the Neuroscience Graduate Group. The person from outside the group can be selected from any other graduate group at UC Davis or from a different University.

In the final years of the program, students complete a dissertation based on original laboratory research, on average taking 5 years to complete the doctoral program. Upon completion of the research project, a written dissertation reporting the results of the thesis research must be presented to the thesis committee. Approval by the committee and presentation of a formal seminar on this research to the Graduate Group fulfills the requirements of the program. Successful candidates will be awarded a Ph.D. in Neuroscience.