Journal Clubs

All students in the Neuroscience Graduate Group are required to participate in a Journal Club every quarter during the academic year. 

Spring 2013

NPB 291 Auditory Neuroscience - Recanzone

NSC 285 Lit Vis Neuroscience - Usrey

NSC 287B Topics in Theoretical Neuroscience - Goldman

NSC 289 - Molecular and Developmental Neuroscience - Diaz and McAllister

NSC 298 - Molecular Biology of Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Diseases - Sharp and Zarbalis

NSC 298 Neuroimaging - DeCarli

NSC 298 Ethics Journal Club - Burns


Other topics offered over the years include:

Development of Sensory Systems - TBA

History of Neuroscience - Usrey, McAllister 

Thalamocortical Relationships - Usrey, Britten 

Auditory Neuroscience - Recanzone, Sutter 

Cognition and Parkinson's Disease - TBA

Synapse Formation - McAllister 

Neuro-Glia Interactions - TBA

Neurobiology of Developmental Disorders - Amaral 

Computational Neuroscience - TBA

Object Recognition - TBA

Statistics of Natural Images - TBA

Parietal Cortex - Britten

Neurobiology of Social Behavior - Amaral 

Learning and Memory - Berman 

Cortical Plasticity - Recanzone

Neuroimmunology - Bauman