Douglas Totten


  • Graduate Student
  • Neuroscience Graduate Group
  • DeBello Lab


Research Summary

I am a student in the Neuroscience Graduate program.  I am interested in studying how attention modulates learning signals, at a systems level.  I currently work with Will DeBello, investigating visual, auditory and bimodal processing in the optic tectum.  In one project I record from populations of single units in the deep layers of the tectum and calculate the variance and covariance of the responses with several different experimental manipulations, including;

Bottom up attention; presenting high or low salience visual stimuli independently or simultaneously

Multisensory integration; presenting auditory or visual stimuli independently or simultaneously

Learning; exploring auditory responses in normal to develop and prism adapted subjects

For another project I am carefully measuring the relationship between the width of auditory and visual tuning and the spatial location of the receptive field, to quantitatively map what has previously been noted qualitatively.  This project is intended to provide the fodder for mathematical models which can account for observed behaviors