Janet Keiter


  • Graduate Student
  • Neuroscience Graduate Group
  • Noctor Lab

Research Summary

The Role of Microglia in Development

I am interested in understanding the role that microglia play in cortical development.  Recent findings from the Noctor lab have shown that microglia are active players in shaping the development of the brain.  Disruption of normal microglial function during critical points of development has been shown to dramatically alter the number of neural precursor cells that give rise to neurons.  The etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders can be caused by genetic factors, inflammation and/or drugs during embryonic development and microglia have only recently been recognized as potential mediators and possible therapeutic targets for intervention.

Select Publications

Swofford, J. A., & DeBello, W. M. (2007). Transcriptome changes associated with instructed learning in the barn owl auditory localization pathway. Developmental neurobiology, 67, 1457–1477. doi:10.1002/dneu.20458