Dan Ragland, Ph.D.

 Dan  Ragland, Ph.D.


  • Professor
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Learning and Memory in Schizophrenia

Research Summary

Dr. Ragland's work investigates the effect of schizophrenia on brain function during episodic memory encoding and retrieval.  Of particular interest is the role that organizational abilities play in new learning and subsequent memory retrieval, how schizophrenia disrupts these organizational processes, and how these deficits might be remediated to improve patients' frototemporal brain activity and daily function.  His research has used a combination of neuropsychological, functional imaging, and eye tracking techniques to identify the cognitive functions and brain regions underlying these memory processes. Other research and clinical interests include early identification and treatment at individuals at-risk for psychosis.

Select Publications

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Recent Publications: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=-F--exQAAAAJ&hl=en