David Pleasure, M.D.

 David  Pleasure, M.D.


  • Professor
  • Neurology (Pediatrics)


CNS Glial Development and Glial Diseases

Research Summary

Our lab has two main projects: mechanisms of CNS injury and repair during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE); and fate-mapping neural stem cells and neural transit amplifying cell

Select Publications

Itoh, Itoh, Pleasure (2003) Bcl-2-related protein family gene expression during oligodendroglial differentiation.  J Neurochem 85:1500-1512 (PMID:  12787069).

Bannerman, Hahn, Ramirez, Bonnemann, Yu, Rostami, Pleasure (2005) Motor neuron pathology in thy1-YFP transgenic mice with experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.  Brain 128:1877-1886, 2005 (PMID  15901645).

Horiuchi, Itoh, Pleasure, Itoh (2006) MEK-ERK signaling is involved in interferon-gamma- induced death of oligodendroglial progenitor cells.  J Biol Chem 281:20095-20106 (PMID:  16728393).

Bannerman, Hahn, Soulika, Gallo, Pleasure (2007) Astrogliosis in EAE spinal cord:  derivation from radial glia, and relationships to oligodendroglia.  Glia 5:57-64 (PMID:  17009237).

Bannerman, Horiuchi, Feldman, Hahn, Ito, See, Jia, Itoh, Pleasure (2007) GluR2-free AMPA receptors intensify demyelination in EAE.  J Neurochem 102:1064-1070 (PMID:  17472701).

Feldman, Keachie, Horiuchi, Itoh, Itoh, Bannerman, McCauley, Pleasure (2008) Characterization of acid-sensing ion channel expression in the oligodendroglial lineage.  Glia 56:1238-1249 (PMID:  18452213).

Guo, Ma, McCauley, Pleasure (2009) Early postnatal plp-promoter expressing progenitors produce multilineage cells during normal in vivo development.  J Neurosci 29:7256-7270 (PMID:  19494148).

Kawai, Itoh, Itoh, Horiuchi, Bannerman, Garbern, Pleasure, Lindsten (2009) Oligodendroglial population is maintained relatively proportional to axons even in the absence of BAX and BAK.  Eur J Neurosci, 30:2030-2041.

Soulika, Lee, McCauley, Miers, Bannerman, Pleasure (2009) Initiation and progression of axonopathy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.  J Neurosci 29:14965-14979 (PMID: 19940192).

Guo, Maeda, Ma, Xu, Miers, Vaccarino, Pleasure (2010) Pyramidal neurons are generated from oligodendroglial progenitor cells in adult piriform cortex.  J Neurosci 30:12036-12049, 2010( PMID: 20826667).

Itoh, Horiuchi, Wakayama, Bannerman, Pleasure, Itoh (2011) ZPK/DLK, a mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase, is a critical mediator of developmental apoptosis of motoneurons.  J Neurosci 31:7223-7228 (PMID: 21593306).

Guo, Maeda, Ma, Delgado, Sohn, Miers, Mills Ko, Banerman, Xu, Wang, Zhou, Takebayashi, Pleasure (2011) Macroglial plasticity and the origins of reactive astroglia in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.  J Neurosci 31:11914-11928 (PMID: 21849552).

Lang, Maeda, Bannerman, Jie, Xu, Horiuchi, Pleasure*, Guo* (2013) Adenomatous polyposis coli regulates oligodendroglial differentiation.  J Neurosci 33:3113-3130 (PMID: 23407966).  *co-senior authors.

Jiang, Chen, Wang, Chechneva, Chung, Rao, Pleasure, Liu, Zhang, Deng (2013) hESC-derived Olig2+ progenitors generate a subtype of astroglia with protective effects against ischaemic brain injury.  Nature Commun 4:2196 (PMID: 23880652).

Itoh, Horiuchi, Ikeda, Xu, Bannerman, Pleasure, Penninger, Tournier, Itoh (2014) ZPK/DLK and Mkk4 form the critical gateway to axotomy-induced motoneuron death in neonates.  J Neurosci 34:10729-10742 (PMID: 25100604).

Chen, Jiang, Xue, Peterson, Tran, McCann, Parast, Li, Pleasure, Laurent, Loring, Liu, Deng (2014) Role of astroglia in Down’s syndrome revealed by patient-derived human-induced pluripotent stem cells.  Nature Commun 5:4430 (PMID: 25034944.

Chetty, Friedman, Kirby, Mirescu, Taravosh-Lahn, Guo, Krupik, Nicholas, Geraghty, Krishnamurthy, Tsai, Covarrubias, Wong, Francis, Sapolsky, Palmer, Pleasure, Kaufer (2014) Stress and glucocorticoids promote oligodendrogenesis in the adult hippocampus.  Mol Psychiatry 19:1275-1283 (PMID: 24514565). 

Hammond, Lang, Maeda, Pleasure, Angus-Hill, Xu, Deng, Guo (2015) The Wnt effector TCF7l1 positively regulates oligodendrocyte differentiation in a manner independent of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling.  J Neurosci 35:5007-5022 (PMID: 25810530).

Sohn, Orosco, Guo, Chung, Bannerman, Mills Ko, Zarbalis, Deng, Pleasure (2015) The subventricular zone continues to generate corpus callosum and rostral migratory stream astroglia in normal adult mice.  J Neurosci 35:3756-3763 (PMID: 25740506).

Guo, Bannerman, Mills Ko, Miers, Xu, Burns, Li, Freeman, McDonough, Pleasure (2015) Ablating N-acetylaspartate prevents leukodystrophy in a Canavan disease model.  Ann Neurol 77:884-888 (PMID: 25712859).


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