Fredric Gorin, M.D., Ph.D.

 Fredric  Gorin, M.D., Ph.D.


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  • Neurology


Neurotherapeutics and Peripheral Neuropathy

Research Summary

pH-volume regulation in the brain brain metabolism molecular neuropharmacology, brain edema and brain tumors (gliomas) drug discovery and design to treat brain edema and brain tumors neuroinformatics- PI on Human Brain tumor project to design and implement information system to cross reference and retrieve diverse neuroscientic information.

Select Publications

Wei, S.H., Jones, E.G. and Gorin, F.A. (in press) Java-based, open source, method that retrieves with statistically-related bioscience concepts within and between related literary domains. Bioinformatics

Kaushik, P., Gorin, F. and Vali, S. (in press) Dynamics of Tyrosine Hydroxlase mediated regulation of dopamine synthesis. J Computat. Neuroscience.

Raichur, A., Vali, S. and Gorin, F. (2006) Dynamic modeling of alpha-synuclein aggregation for the sporadic and genetic forms of Parkinson's disease. Neuroscience

Srinivas, P.R., Wei, S.H., Cristianini, N., Jones, E.G. and Gorin, F.A. (2005) Comparison of vector space model methodologies to reconcile cross-species neuroanatomical concepts. Neuroinformatics, 3(2):115-132

Floyd, C.L., Gorin, F.A. and Lyeth, B. (2005) Mechanical strain injury increases intracellular sodium and reverses Na+/Ca2+ exchange in cortical astrocytes. Glia, 51(1):35-46

Srinivas, P.R., Gusfield, D., Mason, O., Gertz, M., Hogarth, M., Stone, J., Jones, E.G. and Gorin, F.A. (2003) Neuroanatomical term generation and comparison between two terminologies. Neuroinformatics, 1(2):177-192

Gorin, F., Hgarth, M. and Gertz, M. (2001) The Challenges and Rewards of Integrating Diverse Neuroscience Information. Neuroscientist, 7(1):18-27

Vali, S., Pessah, I., Carlsen, R.C. and Gorin, R. (2000) Sarcoplasmic Calcium Mediates Activity-dependent Regulation of Glycogen Phosphorylase Gene Expression in Contractile Skeletal Muscle Cells. J. Cell. Physiol., 185:184-189

McLean, L., Roscoe, J., Cala, P.M. and Gorin, F.A. (2000) Gliomas display altered pH regulation by NHE1 compared with nontransformed Astrocytes. Am J. Physiol., 278:C676-C688

Representative Publications Gorin, F.A. and Marshall, G.R.. (1977) Proposal for the Biologically Active Conformations of Opiates and Enkephalin. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 74: 5l79-5l83. Marshall, G.R., Gorin, F.A. (l977) Proposed Opiate Pharma


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